What makes for robust dialogue?

Mon, Sep 04

Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Blaschko

Paul Blaschko

As you all know, Dr. Blaschko is a philosopher, an educator, and an author. He's an assistant teaching professor at the university of Notre Dame, where he teaches courses on big questions and the philosophy of work. He recently co-authored a book published by Penguin Press about how philosophy can help us live better lives. He now directs the Sheedy Program and consults with professors across the country about how to create better, more innovative philosophy courses.

Embarassingly, perhaps, Dr. Blaschko also does quite a bit of philosophy on TikTok.

 Today, Dr. Blaschko will walk you through a crash course on effective dialogue.

Do This:

  1. If you would like, take some time to read over the Sheedy Program's Dialogue Training Manual, which you can access on Perusall via Canvas. Dr. Blaschko will also bring hard copies to hand out in class.

Watch This: