Required class prep

Your pre-work for each class period will include one or more of the following sorts of task: a “read this" task, a "watch this" task, or a "do this" task.

  1. Read this: You’ll access and annotate readings on Perusall (accessible via Canvas), a program that lets you see and respond to other students’ annotations. Your reading notes are worth more than half of your total points in the class. Why? Because it’s crucial to your success (and overall experience) in the class that you read, and read carefully.
  2. Watch this: We’ll upload a short (3-5 minute) video that introduces an important concept for the day’s class (or, in a couple of cases, just shows you something funny). By having you watch the video in advance, we can save more time in class for discussion.
  3. Do this: When you have assignments to start or submit, we’ll direct you to the prompts and include the submission instructions here.

Assignments, Deadlines, and Grading Breakdown

The following chart contains the due dates for all of your major assignments. You’ll be reminded to submit the assignments on the day they are due. However, you’re in charge of pacing yourself in the lead up to that due date. Therefore, we recommend organizing them into your semester workflow (via Google Calendar, an academic planner, or whatever system you use to track assignments) now. Click on the links to see instructions and grading rubrics for all of your major assignments.

To submit assignments, access the course's Canvas page.

Assignment Due Date Points Available
Readings on Perusall

Recurring (every time you have reading due)


This assignment has four parts:

  • I - Attendance: Recurring (weekly meetings)
  • II - Weekly Planning: Recurring (before each of your dialogue group’s weekly meetings)
  • III - Self-Reflection: Week 14 (12/7)
  • IV - Future Lesson: Week 16 (12/11 - 12/15)


  • I: 5
  • II: 5
  • III: 5
  • IV: 5
Progress Checks

This assignment has three parts:

  • I - Survey: Week 3 (9/6)
  • II - Conference: Week 8 (10/9 - 10/13)
  • III - Final: Week 16 (12/11 - 12/15)


  • I: 5
  • II: 10
  • III: 20

Total Points Available


Grading System

Grades for this course will be figured using a points system. The entire course will be worth about 100 points (give or take a couple points). That makes the math easy: each point you get is roughly 1% of your final grade. In short, every point counts.

We will use Canvas to log your grades. If you also want to figure your own grade, simply divide the total number of points you’ve received by the total number of points possible. That is your percentage in the course. We will round to the nearest whole point. (89.3= 89%, 89.7= 90%, etc.). We offer no extra credit.

Here are the letter grades that correspond with the percentages
- B+ = 88-89 C+ = 78-79 D+ = 68-69  F = Below 60
A = 93-100 B  = 83-87 C  = 73-77 D  = 63-67 -
A- = 90-92 B- = 80-82 C- = 70-72 D- = 60-62 -