What are the *real* problems and potential of emerging technology for the economy, enterprise, and society? (Pt. 1)

Mon, Oct 30

Guest Speaker: Dr. John Behrens

John Behrens

Dr. Behrens is Director of College Technology Initiatives in the College of Arts & Letters and Director of the Idzik Computing & Digital Technologies Program. He came to Notre Dame after 20 years in industry. He is a career-long technology and learning innovator with leadership experiences across multiple industries and at every stage of the software product life cycle. He has a record of articulating vision for innovation, aligning organizations, and creating and sustaining data- and AI-enhanced products in global markets. Prior to working in industry, Dr. Behrens was a tenured professor at Arizona State University where he taught educational data science. He now focuses on preparing current and future leaders to successfully transition through the technology, AI, and data revolutions.

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