Is philanthropy a duty? (Pt. 1)

Mon, Dec 04

Guest Speaker: Jonathan Hannah

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Jonathan Hannah is Director of Education for American Philanthropic’s Center for Civil Society. He leads online and in-person educational events for fundraisers, nonprofit professionals, donors, and others interested in philanthropy and civil society. He has extensive experience in grant writing and university capital campaigns.

Before his time with American Philanthropic, Jonathan worked as a policy analyst at a large grant-making foundation. He has also worked in corporate and foundation relations at Lewis University, was Director of Foundation Relations at the University of Notre Dame, and worked as a Program Director at the Notre Dame Law School. He has taught business communication courses and teaches an undergraduate experiential learning course on Philanthropy & the Common Good in Notre Dame’s College of Arts & Letters.

Today, you will get a preview of that course as Jonathan invites you to consider whether philanthropy is a duty and how, if it is a duty, you might go about discharging it. 


Read This:

Unless otherwise noted, access readings on the course's Perusall page via Canvas.

  1. Peter Singer, "What Should a Billionaire Give--and What Should You?" (2006)

Do This:

1. Via Perusall, listen to the episode "My Little Hundred Million," an episode from Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast.