How precarious is your future? (Pt. 1)

Mon, Nov 27

Guest Speaker: Dr. Pamela Wojcik

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Dr. Wojcik is the Andrew V. Tackes Professor of Film, Television, and Theatre, Chair of the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre, and Concurrent in Gender Studies and American Studies at Notre Dame.  Her research focuses on American cinema, with particular interest in examining the ways in which film negotiates and interrogates issues of modernity, gender, and cultural change. Dr. Wojcik has received a Guggenheim Fellowship and is currently writing a book, Unhomed: Mobility and Placelessness, that examines America’s ambivalent and shifting attitude toward placelessness through marginalized figures of precarious mobility, including tramps, hitchhikers, World War II servicemen, the homeless, and contemporary youth.

In today's lecture, Dr. Wojcik will ask you to consider whether your life is destined to be one of similarly precarious mobility.

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  1. Pamela Robertson Wojcik, "Perpetual Motion: Mobility, Precarity, and Slow Death Cinema" (2021)

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